Friday, January 15, 2016

Messi's Streak Comes to an End

sup everybody. dawn patrol matagalpa. elder ferrin and i are sweet. 

i have been very healthy for the most part. just blisters on the bottom of my feet from playing so much freakin soccer will all my boys out here. kate you better watch out girl cuz Dylan has some moves now... well not really but its the only thing i got right now haha. never thought i would get hyped up over a soccer game but now i am like gpa jake running all over and yelling at all those little brown dudes. 

this week the streek ended. had someone in the tank every week since i left the office but we had a last second little mess up with this 15 year old kid named christian we have been visiting. he is a cool kid. hell be going in soon. 

2016. it is incredible how fast the time has passed. I love my life here in the mission an i know it will only be better in the future. 

I had a great interview with president this last week. we have become really good friends over these last two years. I asked him a few questions and we talked about going home in a few months. 

Nicaragua has changed my life. i dont ever want to lose the things that i have learned here. My life has been so much more meaningful as i have made an effort to understand what role my savior jesus christ plays in my life. And he is everything.

love you guys. stay sleezy.

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