Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 2 - The Three Bugs of the Mexico MTC

The Three Bugs of the Mexico MTC

During my short stay here in the mexico mtc, i have learned of three bugs missionaries may catch. These include- the prison bug, the mosquito bug, and the mexico bug... let me explain. The prison bug is derrived from the 30 foot, barbed wire encased wallls that surround the mtc and the desire to get going on your mission already. The mosquito bug are simply mosquito bugs. i have aquired about 30 bites all over my hands and arms. The mexico bug comes from drinking the water by mistake and is the period in time in which substance other than the gospel starts to come out of your mouth.... puke. im taking about puke.

hello friends and family i want you all to know that i am very much alive and doing well. i love life here in the mtc and learn so much about god and spanish every day. the church is true and the book is blue!

This last week has definitely been one that has humbled me. I threw out my back last week, pinched a nerve in my butt, and contracted the mexican bug all withing a short 8 day period. I have definitely learned of the importance of humbling oneself before god and having a good attitude. I have actually been grateful for these things and have started to realize the importance of having trials in ones life. It gives you focus, gives you a greater desire to thank god for all the good in your life, and makes you put your head down and work harder. Its like dad and grandpa used to always say, you play your best games when you are sick and tired. Needless to say there has been no pussyfooting around grandpa.

I like to think the MTC is a small heaven on earth..... well maybe the terrestial version. I get to learn and teach the gospel in the morning and play ball all afternoon. An in n out on the campus would make it a celestial heaven.

This week i learned a very important life lesson. No matter how strong the spirit is during an investigator lesson, a misplaced fart will ruin everything. We learned that the hard way this week when one of our mexican companions let one loose on accident during a lesson. We like to blame it on the staff cuz of all the freakin beans they make us eat. I imagine dad will be able to relate to my story of well placed farts except in his version, his farts all have a question mark on the end of them.

So it was our annual mormon sex education class last week and our local mexican leaders were trying to coax the sin out of us new missionaries in there jack black garbled spanglish. they do their best but i often have to resist the urge to ask them if they are aware that i have had diarrhea since easters. Anyway, the guy that was lecturing us all of the sudden ran out of the room with a painful look on his face. His grouchy wife then took over the lecture. The brother who ran out of the room forgot to take off the microphone that was attached to his collar. We were then pleased to go on the magical ride of listening to this guy go to the bathroom. His wife had no idea what was happening and the rest of us listened to this guy grunt, sigh in relief, wring out the toliet paper, and then flush. At the sound of the flush, one of the elders couldnt hold it anymore and burst out laughing. the mans wife was disgusted that this elder could laugh and be so immature during our sexual immorality interogation. He was reppremanded. The poop guy (thats what we call him know) burst through the doors of the auditorum just as the closing prayer finished and said "did i miss anything?"

These past few weeks have been great. I have only cried twice. Once because i ate so many plates of refried beans that i began to loose control of my orifaces and the other when i read kates words on the letter mom sent. I am trying real hard to summon my eagle powers kate. i love you.

This week was yet another great spiritual experience. I had to give a talk in spanish in sacrament meeting this week which was a problem because i dont speak spanish but it was an awesome experience. Its amazing what you can do if you put your trust in god.

President pratt said something this week that really impressed me. He said the most important thing to remember on your mission is to be selfless. He said "if you go looking for yourself, you wont find it. If you loose yourself, youll find it"

Despite all the bad things that have happened the last i have found it easy to be grateful for both the trials that come in life and for all the amazing support and love i have from family and friends. I always revert back to what grandma and grandpa jake have told me since i was a little kid, attitude is everything. That single idea is vital to success as a missionary and i am so grateful for those that have set examples for me over the years. I love you all and am so grateful for all that you do. Adios.

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