Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Humble - Hungry

Solid Semana. We are finishing up interviews throughout the mission. This week we visited the zones here in Managua and in tipitapa. This next week we will be in Esteli and in Matagalpa. After we finish in Esteli, i will be staying there with the ZLs until sunday. Three and a half hour bus ride back to managua and straight to the office to do numbers and Skype the fam. Should be pretty sleezy.

Did have a great experience in my own interview this week. President Collado has played a huge role in my life in the mission. We are very different people. But is a man i very much look up to. Even though he doesnt know who steph curry is or what grabbin the wall means or that sleezy is a worldwide enterprise he is someone that has changed my life. Being able to work close to him has been such a great opportunity. He is a great example to me of what kind of man i want to be after the mission.

Now, even though i am with president almost every day of the week, i had the longest interview with him. We sat in his office for about an hour and talked about a lot of things. It was an hour that i will not forget for a long time. After answering several of my questions, he asked me several things that changed my life. One of the things he asked me was how my prayers have changed since i started my mission. I really thought about it and realized that things had changed. after about 30 seconds of silence I responded. At the start of the mission, when all i wanted was to be able to learn how to be successful, i put it all on the line every night. I remember asking god to help me to be able to have success and that i was willing to do anything that he asked me in ortder to accomplish that. I realized that it is like that so much anymore. He explained to me that sometimes after we are blessed with talent-ability-knowledge we stray away from trusting in our god and giving thanks to him that gives us everything we have. 

Trials and circumstances change. Our attitudes and humility should never. As a year is coming around i have been taking time to think about life in an out of the mission. Every good thing i have, i have because my god has given it to me. I have recomitted myself to returning to that state of humility and appreciation that every human being has experienced. This does not mean that the hard work ends. The hunger to be successful in this life and the nature i have been given to never fail is something that i will never get away from. It is something that my father, leaders, sports, and this gospel have taught me. Always humble. Always hungry. Always trusting in the God that has given me everything. 

I love you. Stay sleezy.

This is Gonzalo. He got baptized on Saturday. I wasnt there but he is super sleezy
The Shark Tank off duty

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