Friday, November 27, 2015

Half Leg, Whole Attitude

Dawn Patrol Matagalpa. 

I wont bore you with more adventures about the things that came out of me this week. My bowels are still a mess. I would say it keeps me on my feet and keeps the day exciting but i really spend more time, off my feet, sitting down. Ferrincito (Elder Ferrin) gets a kick out of it. I love nicaragua. 

Matagalpa is so freakin dope. It is getting chilly here at night and my fluffy walmart batman blanket has finally emerged from the darkness once again. We are getting really close to getting a stake here. We send in our proposal in January and we are barely qualifying right now. Ferrin and are are working our butts off. 

Elder Ferrin and i baptized our man Axel this week. He is a young kid with a good family and is really poor. He didnt have any shoes to wear to school so we did what i did with sam kramer many years ago and got him some sweet new ones the day of his baptism. 

This week Ferrin and I took a little trip down to Managua. Hermana Collado called and invited (forced) us to be a part of a some pictures and graphics for the mission. We sat around all day at their house and had some good food. I got to see some old buddies there which was cool. We finished at around 5 and in Managua, much like home, traffic doesnt move from 5-7pm. It took us two hours to go about 10 miles to the bus stop. Four 20 year old dudes sitting on each others laps in the back of a small taxi with windows that didn't go down made for some sweaty thighs. You get to the point here where you really dont know whose sweat it is anymore you just know that you are wet. 

Anyway, we missed the bus and had to stay in Managua. As we walked from the bus stop to a buddies house to spend the night, i got nipped by a good sized puppy. I dropped my pants right there in the street and sat there and bled for a little while. I remember thinking after working in the ER for all those months and being the son of the man who does this for a living i should probably know what to do. I didnt though. We went into some random ladies house and she helped clean my bloody butt off and i think we got the hole in me pretty sterile. We wrapped that puppy up with some toliet paper and duck tape and i was as good as new.  

Hope you guys all have great thanksgiving. I am so thankful for so many things in my life. Fam-jakes-cass-sleezy-surfing´-california burritos- my mission- and above everything the gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. My attitude about what i have and about what is important has changed 100 percent over the last 18 months. This attitude of being thankful and always looking for the good in all experiences-people-things has made me so much happier. God has given me everything. I thank him everyday for all of you and everything that i have. The next time your leg is bleeding in dirty dark alleyway just think of how blessed you are to have two legs- and for all the other things that God has given you. 

love you guys stay sleezy. 

Elder Jake

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