Sunday, December 20, 2015

The BIG BLUE Gospel

Dawn Patrol Report Matagalpa. We had a stellar week this week. Always so much love for my Nicas. 

Elder Ferrin and I have been all around northern Nicaragua this last week. Reminded me of the office again. We found two mini missionaries here in Matagalpa and convinced President to put a couple more pesos on the card so that we could have two companionships. One has been staying here in Matagalpa and the other travels for 3 days to go help some of the guys and branches that are not putting up steph curry numbers. This week i went to Jinotega with a kid getting ready to go on a mission named Axel for several days. It is the coldest area in the mission and I froze my little white cheeks off there. Had some Provo nightmares again. We bought some 1 dollar hammocks and threw them up so we didn’t have to sleep on the ground like I would do most of the time in the office while I was traveling around. We had a good time up there. We are fighting for a stake. We are almost there. 

We baptized Juana this week. She is an amazing lady and is another mom of one of our recent converts. Her son named Fran got baptized a month ago but was sent to the mountains, like almost all men and boys from november to feburary, to cut coffee in terrible conditions and send the little pay they get back home. She has 5 kids 2 older boys and 3 little girls. Her husband is an alcoholic that left her several years ago. She walks around and sells tamales in the city from 7am to 8pm every day. We teach her every night at 9 in her little tin shack that has no light and no water. She always saves a few tamales for us and gives us dinner after every visit. The first time she went to church 4 weeks ago she was so happy and knelt down and said a little prayer next to the bench after sacrament meeting was over. She then went and put the few coins she had into a donation slip and handed it to the branch president, knowing, that there are a few little girls at home with no food. I teared up a little bit that day. She is an amazing woman. She understands what it means to truly live the gospel. 

What is the BIG BLUE Gospel?

Every year all of our friends and family from Arizona and Utah come out to visit those beautiful California beaches. And every year everyone is stoked to get out in the water and catch some waves. 

Big blue is the giant foam costco board that we have. All the kids and adults who are going out for the first time (and the only time during the year) use big blue. Everyone goes out on blue with hopes of having a slater like day and shredding for several hours with a few good pictures to take home. What usually ends up happening is a 20 minute freeze my butt off, sand in my crack, get stuck paddling in the white wash and walk in with a chafed groin and sore nipples. And every year they come back and do it again haha. 

I have a love for the ocean and surfing. My father and brothers share the love too. If there is one thing that I truly miss about home it is sitting on the board past the break under a purple and orange California sunset talking with Collin and dad. 

Surfing and the gospel are so similar. 

Surfing is not easy. One who comes out one time a year and tries cannot truly enjoy it. Its cold. You get stuck inside and never get out past the break. Sand is everywhere. Forget about standing up and riding a wave. You are already walking in with big blue to go ask mom for your sandwich and take a nap. Someone who lives big blue surfing will never get to see how beautiful surfing really is. 

All the Jacobsen boys riding the same wave at Trestles Beach
I am not an amazing surfer. I love surfing though. And after all the years of being in the water for countless hours i can tell you, and those who have experienced it as well. that there is no better feeling in the world than jumping in the water in your wet suit, duckdiving your way out past the break , warming up your wetsuit the way surfers do, and the best part, taking a perfect glassy wave halfway down the beach. That is an amazing feeling. 

The gospel is the same way. 

When one tries to live the gospel like those who surf big blue they will never see the beauty of it. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not something that is lived occasionally, once a year, or when times start to get a little tough and we remember God. It is lived always. Daily. It becomes a part of us. Rather than be a thing that we do, it is who we are. Those who make the gospel a part of their lives occasionally, will only find it to be difficult and will quickly loose their desire, get caught in the crashing waves of trials, and will give up. They will never see the beauty and blessings that come from living the gospel always. 

I have seen the beauty of the gospel in my life. I am not perfect, It is hard sometimes. But I have seen how beautiful the gospel is as I try to make it who I am. 

Don’t live big blue gospel. Make God a permanent part of your life and i promise that you will be happier and see how beautiful it really is. 

I love all of you so much. Have a great Christmas.  

Elder Dylan Jacobsen

ps. love all you guys from Arizona and Utah.  Don’t stop coming out to cali every year haha!


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