Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Bittersweet Symphony

Dawn patrol matagalpa.

Wow! Time is such wierd thing. when i was in Esteli i felt like i was in a big lul that never passed. Now i feel like I'm at Playa Domincalito and there are so many waves and so much to do and i cant get enough. 

One More Week. This week some great things happend. Some of my personal mission goals were completed. More than those things though, The stake of matapalpa was 95 percent approved by the area presidency. Couple of little technical things and we are gonna shred matagalpa. God is too to me and these people. I know i say this ever week, but i have never been happier.

little "Bittersweet Symphony" going on right now. It's hard to wrap my head around somethings but i know God is coaching this little life of elder jake and you just gotta have faith in the play. 

To be honest i feel three things. Humility, sadness, and gratefulness. Humility for how great the blessings have always been. Sadness because i love these people too much. And grateful for a real and loving God that has rescued one of His wayward sons. 

There are so many changes that have happened in two years. unless you have served a mission you really cant understand how many little things god changes in you if you let him. My ugly face is the same. My dumb and inappropriate jokes continue. My love for ball and shred are still present.

However the biggest change that God has brought about in elder jacobsen is a love and unbreakable faith for and in his Savior Jesus Christ.

I love all of you dudes, festers, aunt shannies, sleezies, jakes, christensens, ladies, and friends and everyone else who has been a part of my life. 

ya me voy! 

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