Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free Willy--Mexico

This week, my district and i took over as full time ushers for all of the big meetings in the CCM. We really don´t have any responsibility but are given some niceeee yellow badges. Anyways, tuesday was our first official day on the job and it started out pretty normal. It began to rain about thirty minutes before we closed the doors to start the live missionary devotional broadcast from provo. Aside from the the 20 minutes of constant thunder that shook the building, everything was good. About 1 minute in Elder Cooks talk, an elder walks over to president pratt and we can tell something is wrong. As ushers, it is our job to do the things that ushers are required to do... which we thought was nothing. We soon realized that the lower part of the auditorium had began to flood. We evacuated the first four rows and really though nothing of it. About 2 minutes later the water really started flowin. Do you guys remember that part in free willy (if you havent seen free willy stop reading this because we arent friends) where the bad guys go and loosen the bolts on willys the tank and the water starts spraying all over the place? Thats exactly what began to happen in the theater. It had rained so hard that that it completely filled up the ramp down to the auditorium and water sprayed through the gaps between the doors just like in free willy. For the remainder of the devotional, me, one or two of my companions and several mexicans pushed the shin high water with brooms from the flooded side of the auditorium out the door on the other side where the water table wasnt as high. We did this for about an hour in front of about 500 other missionaries. Eventually, the water tables equalized and the theater began to fill up. We were told our services were no longer needed. I was happy to serve and knew this was only preparation for the waist deep water i would be swimming through in nicaragua. Us elders and the mexicans just sat there and while i was making a water snow angel (not really, but i should have) i had an urge that we should pray. I gathered the 5 other missionaries that were down there with me and i asked god to stop the rain as we stood in the rising water in front of 500 hundred spectators. it stopped raining 5 minutes later. president pratt thanked us for our efforts and we went home wet and sore. Though my butt, back, and arms beg to differ, It was an amazing experience.

I just got back from the temple today. Mexico city temple is huge and beautiful. We had a chance to go through the visitor center and i picked up some sick zipper ties. My biggest regret is not bringing more zipper ties. We were told not to leave the temple grounds... buuuuuttt i had not had a coke in like four weeks and was going throat punch my companion if i didnt get one soon. The temple is located in a very busy part of mexico city so there was a bazillion people walking around it. I asked several people to go across the street and buy me a coke and many of them said no because they were in a hurry or meeting someone. Finally some old man on a bike told me he would hook me up. I told him to buy three cokes and gave him 50 pesos which is way more than enough. He came back 2 minutes later with the cokes and my money. I kept 2 cokes for my companion and i and let the man take the third coke and the left over change. he was so grateful. The coke was so lushess but the look of gratitude in that old mans eyes was better.

Im glad to hear that metties funeral went well and that you all could make it. Tell the tingey boys that their strength is an example to me.

This week i became really good friends with a little 7 year old mexican boy named antonio whos parents work the dry cleaning in the MTC. He has a really beat up soccer that we play with together when i have gym. Bryce and kate, this kid could school you. He is one the nicest and most humble kids i have ever met. Bryce and kate, tell mom you love her every day and be grateful for all the crap that you have. Antonio has his soccer ball and his parents and thats it. Yet, he is happiest kid i have ever met. One of my teachers is gonna help me buy a new ball for him.

President Kaits, who is over all of the missionaries in the mtc, gave a devotional on sunday that really had a impact on me. He talked about his missionary experience and how much church meetings suck. his message was very relatable. He talked a lot about leaving everything behind and how important it is to let ourselves become fully committed. He told us to leave our nets behind and be fishers of men. I have had a hard time forgetting about all the great things i have back at home but it gets easier and easier everyday. Its hard not to miss home/family, and surfirng, and team sleezy but i know that all of the hard work will be worth it.

Love all of you guys am so grateful for all of your love and support. Only one more week and im off to nicaragua. take it sleezy. see ya next week.

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