Monday, June 30, 2014


I finally made it to nicaragua. My day yesterday was crazy but I am having good time so far. Both of my flights went well. I flew from mexico to san salvador and then took a bus to a plane that went to nicaragua. Nicaragua is just like costa rica except it is 100 times poorer. The wall of humidity and heat that hits you did not disappoint. It is freaking hot here. I have not stopped sweating since i arrived. Once i landed i waited in the airport for about thirty minutes until i was picked up by two young elders. I was taken to the mission office and i did some simple paper work for a few hours. Everyone in the mission knew the story about the elder that locked his passport in the mtc store. I met president collado and his wife. They are great. I also met with my new companion, Elder Sotay (sothi). He is crazy and awesome and i know i will have a good time with him over the next month. He has only been out three weeks so we are both pretty new. He is from guatemala and has great attitude and personality. After taking care of everything in the office, Elder sotay and I got in a taxi for about an hour. We then got on a very crowded and hectic bus for 3 hours. I sweat more on that three hour bus ride than i have my whole life. We arrived in our area called estali. It is up in the mountians a bit but the city is fairly large. I am basically living in a jungle. My companion tells me that the apartment we are staying in is the nicest place in the entire mission. Its a pretty nice place actually. Everything is great. The shower is more like a hose plugged into the wall that spits out cold water but everything else is good so far. We have a nice little mamacita that cleans and washes clothes for us. When we arrived at our apartment, we immediately left and went to appointments. We taught this little family last night and it was awesome. Real life spanish is completely different than mtc spanish. People talk so freaking fast. My companion did most of the heavy lifting but i talked to the little kids and bore my testimony at the end which was awesome. They will hopefully be baptized sometime next week. After that we went over to the bishops house and his wife made us dinner. The food was awesome. They served me a mystery drink which i just gulped down cuz it was ice cold. My first day was exhausting and the language is a little stressful. I know god and hard work will allow me to get better. One thing i have learned in the short time that i been here is how impovershed and humble the nicaraguans are. They have nothing but are all so happy. We are so spoiled back home. I literally makes me sick seeing how little these people have and thinking about how ungrateful we are for things back in the states. dirt floors, tin roof, and little kids who run around with no shoes on. Mom and dad thank you for all of your love and support over the years. I love you and all the kids.

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