Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 2 - Nicaragua has been "super twanis" (twaaaneeeesss)

Week two in Nicaragua has been great. I am no longer sick and am becoming more and more used to my new life.

These first couple of weeks out here in the jungle have reminded me of scout camp, or high adventure or any camping trip for that matter. Im sure all of you can relate to this idea or maybe not haha. I had little spell last week where both of my sphincters turned into hallways and really got aquianted with nicaraguan plumming, which is exactly what you think it is. Anyways, last monday night i had returned basically to normal and thought my bowels had come back inside me. The rest of the week was great. I felt good and had no problems with the potty. But on saturday i realized that something was a little fishy. My bowels had been a little too good. I realized that i had not used the bathroom since monday and I figured i should probably go to the bathroom. As i was sitting on the toilet i realized that my life had turned into one giant camping trip. It was like i was at scout camp and just didnt need to poop for 4 or five days. When that 5 day rolls around and you let fly, the toilet has no chance. I know uncle scott, aunt shannon, and that 7 11 gas station bathroom can relate to this haha. I have decided that saturdays shall be my poop days.

Contrary to popular belief, Nicaragua is home to very few black people. I have only spotted 2 myself. And lets be honest, are they really black people if they speak mexican and cant play ball? I think not.

I have been enjoying myself so far. I was a little homesick the first couple of days but i know you are all doing great things at home and will be right where i left ya in 22 months. I thank god every day for all of your love and support.

Life here is very different than back in temecula. Everyone here has nothing, but gives everything. People are very kind and very willing to impart of the little substance that they have. Their humility makes them more receptive to the gospel. It is very difficult for me to see people live the way they do. I have already developed a great love for them.

Bryce. There are many wild cows, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and people here. The other day, I saw someone throw a baby cat 5 feet out of her house. People here throw all of there crap into the street. Occassionally a good samaratin will push it all into a big pile, pour gasoline on it ,and burn everyting. Thanks garbage man!

That story about the lewis family is crazy. Mackenzie will be in my prayers. I cant even begin to relate to how they are feeling but something i am learning more and more everyday out here in the field is that everything happens for a reason. I know that god will bless their family because of this trial. And i was reading the email that you sent me mom i couldnt help but correct the word "Carotid artery" in my head. haha Thank you anatomy. And mother, if something like that happened to you, dad, collin, maddy, kate, or bryce i dont know if i would tell me...because i dont know if i could be as strong as morgan.

i hope that everyone had a super twanis fourth of july. Twanis is slang in nicaragua for cool/sick/awesome. i included a picture of what i did on 4 of july haha. my companion and i built a fence for one of the members. I also included a pic of my friend bonesy, the dog carcas that we found in the river the other day. Also, i have watched many of the world cup games. Not out of disobedience but sheerly because if we show up to an appointment and there is a game on, the lesson cant start until the game is over haha. I cheer for the white people. go netherlands

Anyways this week i learned the importance of being patient. Not everything comes when we want it or as easy as we want it. LIfe is hard sometimes. All we can do is work hard and trust in god. I love you all.

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