Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello earth. It is currently pouring here in esteli. Also i am rashless. Unfortunately, even if i did get a rash (which i am very capable of doing because lets face it babies get rashes all the time by just pooping and peeing on themselves and im not saying that i would defacate on myself to go in the ocea.... actually yes i would.) even if i did get a rash, i am currently in the middle of the jungle and the only body of water that comes to mind is the puddle that i can see through the window of the internet cafe in which i sit that is filled with trash and horse poop and is currently being urinated upon by a little nica boy.

From an intestinal perspective, this last week was a tich better. I got pretty sick again on wednesday and once again both doors were in service. I slept for 20 striaght hours on thursday after going back and forth to the bathroom all night on wednesday. I had 5 very weird dreams during that 20 hours haha. Bob saget even made an appearance in one of them haha. I dont know why, but since i was set apart i have been able to remember my dreams very vividly every single night. By friday i was pretty much back to normal.

Question of the week, whoever gets it right will get a prize: How much does a regular box of lucky charms cost in nicaragua?

We are baptizing 2 ladies on saturday which will be cool. One is a 15 year old girl who has made it very apparent that she wants to have a white baby. I have found that a hard cover book of mormon doubles as both the keystone of our religion and also as a athletic cup to combat 15 year old females.

Anyways i am doing well and am having a good time. Despite the sickness and the difficulty with understanding all the mexican being spoken down here, i am having fun and constantly am reminded by a little book mark that i can do hard things. I was reading in 3 nephi this week and came across some scriptures that really had an impact on me. I have been stressed and still am a stressed with a little homesickness, exhaustion, and thoughts about my future. However, i forgot that jesus is the man. In third nephi he says

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, even so will he clothe you, if ye are not of little faith.
31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32 For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof.

God knows what we need and when we need it. I have found that it is important to keep the future in mind and to let it motivate us but also, more importantly, to not allow the future to bring stress into our lives and distract us from the important things currently happening in life. All god asks us to do work hard and seek first the kindom of god. By doing that, all other things fall into place. Love all you guys. See you next week. Take it sleezy.

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