Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Friday Night (katy perry voice)

Hola friends and family! Hope all enjoyed your summers and are excited to start school again. Elder Jake is especially stoked that he will not have to go back to school for a very long time! 

Nothing new in esteli. I ate some chinese food the other day and i think it was good. I havent had panda express or mr yous in 6 months so i dont really know. I also met this guy that works for the professional baseball league in nicaragua and he is going to hook me up with an authentic jersey from the best team in managua with a big 25 on the back. Stay tuned for that. No puke this week fortunately. I did have an oh crap moment however when the bishop of our ward asked me to give a 15 minute talk on "Honradez" a few hours before church started. I said sure president ill give the talk but thought to myself, What the heck is honradez?

I dont know what you guys did last friday but i bet mine was better. Elder sotay and i were walking along in downtown esteli on friday and i saw a little family with a dad carrying a cooking stove/ bbq thing on his back. I had the impression that i should help them so i went over and asked if i could carry the bbq to the house. At first he said no but i was persistant and eventually just took the bbq off his back and put it on mine. As soon as i threw this bbq on my shoulders i realized that i may have made a mistake. This thing was so freakin heavy! We walked and talked with this family and thought that they lived somewhere in downtown. We were very wrong. We walked with this family for almost an hour and i carried that bbq thing for at least 2 or three miles. My pups were barkin. We soon found ourselves, literally, in the middle of the jungle up in the mountian above esteli. By the time we arrived it was dark and there was only one little light in the little mud/tin hut that this family lived in. We sat outside the house on buckets and stumps and the dad made a little fire. My companion and i shared a little message with them and they accepted our invitation to go church on sunday. The mom even made us dinner! Corn on the Cob baby. As I sat under the stars in the middle of the jungle and ate my corn, i had a very strong desire to ask if the corn was "hand shucked" as it was especially delicious. But, i quickly remembered that this lady probly didnt know who bob was and that i had just seen her shuck it with her hands 5 seconds ago. We left the house a spent the next 20 minutes trying to find our way out of the jungle.

Now this story has no cool hidden spiritual message but i think that my friday night was a little different and a sleezier than yours :)

I love you all. Remember to stay in the tube.   Elder Jake

Bryce looked up honradez for all of you.  It means honesty.

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