Friday, September 5, 2014


Hello people! Hope you all are doing well and having fun with the crazy school year life once again.

This week i got an authentic Nicaraguan baseball jersey. Los Boers baby! I even got a big 25 put on the back of it. Needless to say, my companion thinks it is a little weird that i sleep with it and wear it 24/7 around the apartment. He also doesn't understand why i wear two socks. I told him i think its weird that he pours syrup on his fruit loops and that he air dries (after showering) his ENTIRE body using the fan every morning. We are even for the time being.

Today I ate snake, which was pretty sleezy of me if i do say so. While we were waiting for the food we went and messed around with some monkeys, that are all over the restaurant, and poked a crocodile with a stick. I was served an entire boa constrictor along with some rabbit. The rabbit was like slimy chicken and and i honestly cannot tell you what boa tastes like. Tasty yes, or i think so. I was hungry. It was a little difficult to find the meat amongst the hundreds of tiny vertebrae and left over intestines haha. All in all a cool experience and you will have to come down to Nicaragua to find out what it really tastes like. As we were leaving, we were informed that next week they would have bull testicles. We will be making a return visit.

Also in other news, this week i was assaulted. One of our younger lady investigators gave me a kiss good bye on Saturday night. My companion and i are constructing some sort of apparatus to put over my head to prevent this from reoccurring in future visits.

This week it rained. Now when i say that I'm not talking about the wussy off and on sprinkle that we get in California. It rained. Very, very, very hard. The entire city was flooded and for the first time since i left home in may, i was actually cold. My batman blanky has come in handy ;).

Saying that i should have brought a wetsuit is very much an understatement. I waded through knee deep, muddy water for the majority of the last week. It was fun for the first five minutes as i thought "Im so bear gryls wading through this crazy river in the jungle with my back pack over my head." Then i realized that mud and water in the crotchal region all day is not as a amazing as i hoped it would be. Dreams crushed and rash developing.

My companion, more than i, needed a wetsuit this week. We were walking along in downtown one day and all of the sudden he vanished. He had fallen into a giant manhole that we were not able to see because the entire street was flooded up to our knees. He emerged a second later gasping for air and had to swim to get out of the whole. It was amazingly hilarious to watch this fat little Guatemalan kid, in his big yellow over coat, swim around and emerge from the giant brown puddle. We had a good time and always kept a good attitude even though we didn't have wetsuits (i failed to explain to Elder Sotay what a wetsuit is haha) and were muddy, wet, and exhausted.

Attitude is everything. That has been the theme of my mission so far and i am quickly learning how a good attitude allows us to truly do hard things. Found something cool in the bible this week.

3 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
4 And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts

I'm having some crazy experiences down here and I love all of them. Love the hard things and remember God is always with us.

Love you guys. Take it Sleeeeeeeeeezyyy.

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