Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hello Ladies and Gents. Your weekly update from Mogly. Its great hearing from you guys everyweek. Keep the emails and dear elders comin porfa. This week the winner was bryce with that awesome touchdown. I honestly teared up a little bit- one because that stiff arm was so beautiful and two because i felt a little bad for all the little pipsqueaks out there trying to pull bryce's flag. Man among Boys!!!

I will start with the bad news.

New rule was implemented in the mission this week- we only get 30 minuntes on the computer. So ya haha. It stinks big time but i am having a good attitude about it grandma dont worry! I now get to take a big nap in the giant hammock in our house and have more cookie eating time. So its good.

Good news. We have a bunch of people we could possibly baptize this month. Pretty stoked for that. Nicas are funny people. Everyone wants to get baptized and knows its important. The problem is that no one ever wants to go to church. These nicas love sleepin in and love planning trips to disneyland on sundays (i dont actually know where they go but i figure most people like disneyland so that is my first guess).

I love all of you from the bottom of the rash on my butt that is now currently developing!
I dont know how sleezy my emails will be in the future because of this new rule buuuuuutttt, i will try to bring a little humor to the table every week.

Take it sleezy. Love you guys.

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