Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bello Horizonte (the office) - Jan 19th

Elder Boice, Elder Gonzalez and Elder Jake
i am now official. elder cua is not my companion anymore he will die (mission lingo for "go home") in april. elder boice and elder gonzalez are now my companions. elder boice is a new zoneleader that i am training. they are both sweet haha
honestly dont know what i did to get here. 2 changes ago i was a nobody in esteli with elder sherle haha 

Some of my new responsibilities as an AP (assistant to the President)
-with president all of the time
- we are in charge of the changes. all of it. after president comes out with the companionships we figure out how everyone is going to get everywhere, where they are going to live, if they need things in their houses, everything. we have been doing these shananigans for the last 3 days. 
-i now get to drive president's cars and the mission truck
- we are in charge of all of the meetings in the mission. Zone conferences, new missionary meetings, leadership meetings, every meeting. we have to bring all of the president's equipment ie computer, projector, and other materials. we organize and direct all of them
- we do a mission wide summary of the numbers for every district which we send to president. we do that every monday in the morning. 
- if we dont have meetings, we travel around the mission doing splits with other missionaries/zone leaders 3 days out of the week. 
- we also are in charge of housing and putting to work all of the missionaries that are going home
- i also do not sleep because there is not time to sleep haha

hey i still love you guys so much. i really just don't have to time to do anything anymore. i am so freaking busy. i will try to have something decent put together for next week. love you. stay sleezy.  Elder Jake

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