Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DJ vs the Volcano - Jan 13th

(Elder Jake's Buzz Lightyear pose)
hey i am alive. we had a big multizone pday thing. also ya boy will have a new title on friday had a little talk with the big dog (President Collado) a couple of days ago haha. love you guys.  

(So I asked for the lowdown on the “little talk")

the jist of the big dog conversation was like this. I had an interview with President Collado on friday. We talked about my training period and about my two "kids" sherle and clark. He then asked me why i was able to have success with my kids and not with my trianer. I told him hard work and obedience.  He said are you ready to help other missionaries do this work. I said yes. Are you ready to be the next ap. I said yes haha. Then he talked about how i would be driving and would be traveling with him all over the mission and that i would still be expected to baptize. and then we prayed and that was it. 

I dont have a lot to say this week and im pretty freakin exhausted today haha. love and miss you tho. 

(Elder Jake and his comp Elder Cua)
yesterday we went to a volcano in masaya. (a half mile wide crater filled with a boiling lake) it was pretty cool. my companion and i planned the activity. To other zones, one from managua and one from tipitapa, went with our zone. president was also there. we visited some caves that had some bats in them. i asked the tour guide if the bats had large talons and he didnt think it was very funny but i did get a few laughs from a couple of the white guys. then we looked at a big hole in the ground aka the volcano haha. im not one for sight seeing unless its the ocean you guys know that but it was still a good time hangin out with all of my buddies in the mission. 
Thanks for your email on goals mom. I have a couple of goals this year. One of which is being patient. Trynna to work on that one. The mission in general has helped me wait for good things just because i am away for 2 years but i really want to try to be a little more patient with people. trying to learn how to keep my head cool and love even the dumb people. probably a good life skill. 
love you guys. take it real sleezy this week.

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