Saturday, March 14, 2015

Phone call from the President - Take 1

Friends and Family, I just got a great phone call.  I recognized the Nicaraguan area code right away because I had just ordered some children's baptismal pants from the distribution center there for Dylan’s investigators (this was the one of the two things he recently requested.  The other being metal basketball hoop chains.  He has two great priorities!)   The gentleman calling even called me Sister Jacobsen.  Well when he introduced himself as President Collado (Coy-yado) I was smiling but that quickly turned upside down and a sense of panic overcame me as I tried to calmly ask, “What happened to Dylan?” He assured me that Dylan was wonderful.  He said he was, “one of the best Nicaragua has,” that he was doing an excellent job and that they loved him.   “Everything I ask of him, he does,” the President said.  I’m sure he said some other nice things but I don't remember. I was back riding the tower of terror in the twilight zone.  I do remember thinking, I know I should tape this conversations but I will probably hang up on him if I try to get to my record screen.  I also heard Brent yell from the pool, yes they pool, when he heard me ask if Dylan was ok.  However,  he was in full wet suit and booties riding his surfboard around the pool, with his big lake powell hat on, painting the rocks and his yelling made the mutt start barking so I had to flee. (OK…I’ll send a picture of his get up because it warrants its own documentation for posterity)

The President asked if there was anything I would like to tell Dylan.  I of course asked President Collado to give him a big hug and tell him how much we loved him.  I let him know that he was a great example to his siblings and cousins, that we were all proud of his great attitude and obedience.  I said that he was sunshine in our family (I know that's weird but it just came out) and although we missed him I knew that President Collado would be one of the most influential people in Dylan’s life and I appreciated the chance he had to serve and learn from him.  

I’m sure I uttered many other lovely and profound things that escape me now.

President Collado was so kind.  He spoke English beautifully and assured me that Dylan would know everything I told him.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Dylan could hear the whole conversation.  They were probably traveling somewhere.  (I have the President’s cell phone number….I’m adding it to my contacts 😊)

Here are the things I forgot to say - 
Use your fluoride toothpaste 
Eat fruits and safe vegetables
Don’t drink the water
As cute as they are, monkeys have rabies
Thin mints are on their way
Keep Smiling, working and praying
Tell your President to give you and hour off to write us!  (OK, he gets a pass this week but not next unless I get a phone call again!)

Love, Elder Jacobsen’s Madre

***Don't miss Take 2

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