Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hirschi Squirts

Dawn Patrol Jake and Hirsh

Elder hirschi and i ran around directing multizone conferences this week. A lot of teaching. Little sleep. A lot of driving. And a little puke from elder hirschi every once in while when he would look at me in the passenger seat with a white face and yell "duuuudeee pull over." We had some fun puking in the jungle together. i am the son of my mother because i almost puked my chocolate milk all over presidents car listening to hirschi squirts heave out all those rice and beans. 

I love the mission. I miss all of you but would be anywhere else in the world. 

Next week i wont be running around so much so there will be some better pics and a goooood letter. 

stay sleezy. love all you guys. 

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