Saturday, August 15, 2015

Puro Pinolero

hey guys whats up?

how was the week?

just some little stuff.

My release date is april 28 2016. president has already talked to me about extending. but april is the plan so far. 

the only thing i want to do when i get home is eat panda and come back to nicaragua in june to shred and be here with all my buds.  

we are still preparing big time for the apostle. there is a butt load of crap to do when a big dog comes. it will be way dope tho. both the missions are going to get together. 

Elder Hirschi, Jose, Anna, Elder Jake

Nothing new this week. Elder hirschi and i moved and found a sick house right next to the church and by this great chocolate milk place. Finally put up my chain nets the other day. We have been waking up early to play half the mornings. 

On friday night at 830 pm Anna got baptized. She is the wife of Jose Ramoncito that went for a swim a couple of weeks ago. A month and a half ago she wouldnt even talk to me. on friday night we went for a swim together. it was awesome. they are both so freakin sick. 

I guess this is his weapon of choice in the fight for freedom
A couple of weeks ago nicaragua celebrated the 19 of july which is their holiday to commemorate the end of the war here in Nicaragua and their appreciation for Augosto Sandino, the leader of the rebellion efforts and socialism here for many years. There was a small gathering of over 500,000 people near lake managua not 5 minutes from our area on that day. 

Though i do not usually support communism, socialism, arson, alcohol abuse, and plenty of domestic violence, the 19 of july was a great day this year. I love nicaragua. Nothing will ever be the same. 

I saw a quote this week by Augosto Sandino this week and it was something that i shared in my hour or so talk that i gave in our meeting with all the leadership this last week.  

Si hubiesen hombres en nicaragua que la amen como yo. Nicaragua seria libre. 

If there were men in nicaragua that love it like i do. Nicaragua would be free. 

I love this place. My life will never be the same. I am so grateful for the friends and family that i have back at home and the freedoms that we enjoy. I am even more grateful for the blessing that god has given me to be able to help my brothers here obtain the freedom that comes through faith in jesus christ. 

love you all. stay sleezy. 

Dylan's title come from the phrase "soy puro pinolero, nicarag├╝ense por gracia de Dios"  It is a phrase from a famous nicaraguan song, Nicaragua Mia, but is used to show true pride in being Nicaraguan.  The first part "puro pinolera" (I'm very pinolero) refers to a pinolillo a traditional Nicaraguan drink of cornmeal and cocoa and the Nicaraguans use a twist on the name and refer to themselves as Pinoleros.  The second part "nicarag├╝ense por gracia de Dios," means I'm Nicaraguan thanks to God.  

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