Saturday, September 12, 2015

Get on the Love Train

Hello TTown. The best town. and to all the other towns. Elder Jake is checkin with this weeks dawn patrol.  Nicaragua is firing. Cant say enough how much i love it  here. 

Hirschi Squirts and I went up north this week. We hit Esteli on wednesday and Matagalpa on Friday and worked with the ZLs there. The drive up was dope. We were running late and had to take chicken/hay/vegetable/naked breast feeding ladies bus on the way up to Matagalpa. 3 and a half hours of that shananigans. Despite all of that, i still remain to be a jacobsen and took a little 2 hour nap in the back of the bus with my face against the steamy window. 

Esteli is sweet. I miss it there. The weather reminds me of California. Hot during the day, cools off at night. I hate that now though. Sleeping is like getting ready for those beautiful friday night basketball lights in highschool- i can't play well unless i have broken a serious sweat before the game starts. If its not 90 degrees when i go to bed its gonna be a long night.

I was able to talk to my boy Eddie (elder sherle and i started teaching him in august of last year and he finally got baptized a couple of weeks ago). He was stoked to tell me that he was in charge of the sacrament on sundays and that the 10 foot deep poop hole (latrine) that elder Sherle and I dug for him was fully functioning. He is gonna become an elder at stake conference in a couple of months. I gave him a hard time about waiting so long to get in the water. He said as soon as the good looking latino sister missionaries showed up a month ago everything changed! ...Idiot haha. He is a fester just like the other eddie i know. 

This weekend was stake conference here in the Bello Horizonte stake. We had a solid turnout. Even tho elder Hirschi and I only worked in our area here in managua for a couple days we managed to get 11 investigators on the love train. The love train aka the small little yellow school bus that we rented to take everyone across town. We managed to squeez just under 100 people on that pup and the wheels on the bus went round and round baby. I really became really close with some of my fat lady friends in the ward in that little yellow short bus. As i was taught my whole life, me and the ward and all of our investigators set up camp in the back of the building right on and around the stage. Elder Jake has matured a lot over the last year but meetings have not. We started to loose everybody about halfway through the meeting and before i knew it we were all making fortune tellers, playing tic tac toe, and we had a contest to see who could draw the best shark. I was missing grandma jakes little bag of those little special folders and activities crap. It was a good time. President Collado ended the conference and hit a 400 yd dinger and woke everybody up. 

Elder Hirschi and I are teaching some awesome people. A lot of big families. We are praying for a pool party this next month.   We have a hard time keeping up when we come back to  managua. Two of our recent converts were ordained elders on sunday. We have 3 more that are getting ready for next year. Almost all of them are getting ready to go on a little trip to the honduras temple in december. 

Elder Nelson was stellar. Also has great hands. I bet he uses dove for men because he had some amazingly smooth hands. I only know because i had the privaledge of handing him his microphone when the meeting started. 
President Russell M. Nelson and President Collado and Family

He taught some amazing things. He was powerful. He is a master teacher. The spirit that he taught with brought about a feeling in me that i have only had a couple of times in my life. Its the desire to become great. The desire to throw away every bad thing in your life and replace with what you know will truly bless your life. Its the surety that Jesus Christ is our savior and that our living God in heaven has a purpose and plan for everyone of us.     Its the knowlegde that God will always be with us if we do what is right. Its the knowledge that obedience frees us and allows us to achieve true joy and happiness. Its allowing God to change us so that we become the people he wants us to be. 

Yea, we believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us; and also, we know of their surety and truth, because of the Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, which has wrought a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.

 And we, ourselves, also, through the infinite goodness of God, and the manifestations of his Spirit, have great views of that which is to come

And under this head ye are made free, and there is no other head whereby ye can be made free. There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ, all you that have entered into the covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your lives.

Love all you knuckleheads. Stay Sleezy.

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