Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Sand Crab Eats Bad Sting Ray

Went back to corinto this week. there was a solid swell in the morning. not too big but these perfect set waves would roll in and barrel up so beautifully. it was a crime that no one was out. i could sit there all day and just watch. i asked elder martinez if we could go out a litttle early before studies so that i could study the swells a little bid. and since i cant go in the water i rolled around in the sand a bit. I had that great sticky,salty feeling that i share a love for with dad for the rest of the day. so sick. i will include some pictures. some guy in corinto gave us some fried sting ray for lunch. that was a mistake haha. got pretty sick but i am all good now! 

Chocolate Milk Nicaraguan Style
elder hirschi is sweet. love that kid. we are having a great time. this morning i got attacked by a pitbull on the way to church. no bites tho. we brought some sweet people to church today. its cool to see the way the gospel can help people with their addictions. very humbling experience to see people so poor give everything and let god change them. its also cool to look back and see how god has changed me. 

love you guys. stay sleezy out there.

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