Monday, December 22, 2014

A Bad Episode of "The Office"

Remember that Office episode where Dwight harvests the
organs of the CPR dummy?  I'm feeling it with this picture.
hey guys im on right now. just so you dont think that im a terrible missionaries the aps have p night we do a bunch of crap for prez in the day and then have pday at night time haha its pretty sick.

We asked Dylan what he does now that he is working in the mission office - 

I still teach and tract. i run around like a crazy man tho haha. miss being a regular little missionary in Esteli already. happy to serve it just i love being with the people and now im in this leadership position where i am a little more limited. its great tho i love it.  We live in a really nice house in Managua.  i feel like im back in america with the hot showers and american food everyday.  We live large haha which i dont really like. 

Sorry im kind of crazy right now i had a crazy week and im trying to play santa right to and im kinda just nuts with all the crap i gotta do haha. its all good tho. ill have a sweet christmas letter and pictures next week tho. 

i bought a ton of stuff for all my peeps today tho. soccer balls, dolls, little toy cars. santa is comin to town this year!

(Yep that's it - all we got!  Not even a "take it sleezy."  He better come through this week :)

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