Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dawn Patrol

Elder Jake Checkin in with the Managua Dawn Patrol Report. No swells this week here in managua. Just 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity and a lot of cold glass bottle coca colas. 

Elder Hirschi from west jordan utah is my new ap companion. I am also now in a quartet with elder sirrine, elder hirschi and elder hobbs. its freakin sick. president has changed my role a little bit and now will be a 100 percent traveling ap. I am here in managua monday and tuesday and traveling around the mission wednesday through sunday. 

Conference was great. Hope you guys all had a chance to watch it. I watched almost all the talks. Is boyd k packer not darth sidius from star wars now? "strike me down and your journey to the darkside will be complete haha."

A few talks stuck out to me. A lot of shananigans about marriage at the beginning haha. Loved Bednars talk about how having a knowlegde of and faith in christ allows us to overcome all feelings of uncertainty/guilt/trials. 

The story about the brothers in hollands talk, i immedeatly thought of collin tho. i know that he would have been the one to wait for me and grab me if i had fallen. and i would do the same for him. for bryce. mom. dad. kate. maddy. cass. all the cousins and sleezy. i have been so blessed in my life with people that care for me and wait for me on the edge of lifes cliffs waiting to help me when i fall. 

Christ is the same way but for all of us. I know that Christ lives and that He is their for all of us, waiting, to bring us back when we fall. 

love you guys. take it sleezy.

Elder Jake

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