Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunrise on the Caribbean - March 30, 2015

I woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise over the Caribbean.

The following letter was taken from a video Dylan made when his plane broke down and he was stuck in an airport in Puerto Cabezas on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. 

All of the houses are like this there. so dope!
"I am currently in the Puerto Cabezas airport and I am waiting in the airport for the plane because the plain broke.  So we were on the plain and i was taking a nice nap and then all of a sudden we are on the runway and the classic engine breaking sound EH EH EH EH.   So the plain is  broke and I am stuck here by myself waiting in the airport with my nice blue tie on.  I had an awesome weekend.  Puerto Cabezas is like all of the pictures we saw and thought all of Nicaragua was going to be.  That is basically what Puerto Cabezas is like.  All of the houses are built on stilts and there is a sweet ocean, the Carribean Sea.   Sandy beaches, people fish, we take canoes to get to places. Most people speak a different language called Miskitu.  Everyone eats turtle and shark.  I didn’t get to eat turtle because I guess it is mating season right now so all of the turtles are mating at the bottom of the ocean and it is illegal to kill them.  I’ll probably be coming back soon.  

I got to hang out with a bunch of my buddies that I haven’t seen in a while.  I got super sunburned and getting back to my regular southern CA shade.  We had a meeting with the whole zone and President on Friday.  I went to the beach a bunch of times not because I wasn’t doing anything but because it is part of a lot of people's areas and the beach is where a lot of people live.  This morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise.  That was really awesome because I have never seen the Caribbean Sea before or really the Atlantic.  We went surfing in Canada that one time with Grandpa Jake on his mission but the ocean here is awesome.  That was my first sunrise ever with the sun rising from the water.  For us in California the sun sets in the water.  They make coconut bread here which is really good.  There are lots of things you can buy that are made out of turtles.  Turtle tastes like cow but a little sweeter and softer. 

Baptisms of my best buds Diana and Tommy.  Love them!
Things are going good.  There is still only one AP.  WE have conseo tomorrow which is where all of the zone leaders will be in Managua and we will talk about who it went in the months.  We baptized two people on Thursday and they got confirmed yesterday.  I love them, Tommy and Diana.  They are awesome.  The mission baptized 80 people on Saturday which was cool.  230 people in March.  We think that after general conference we will baptism 100 people on Saturday.   Michael was telling me that they were the best mission in Europe and baptized 100 people.  (One of Dylan's closest friends Michael Gleason serves in the Moscow, Russia Mission currently.)  We are looking for a week when we can baptize 100 people in a weekend.  It is funny how different our missions are but I know he is having a great time.  The other day I was thinking that I am just so used to living in Nicaragua that sometimes I forget where I am.  The other day I woke up after sleeping in a hammock at a missionaries house. I went outside to see a bunch of houses over water on the beach.  I love this mission! 

If you cant tell in the pictures I got fried this week. Prez saw me when i got back and asked me how tanning on the beach all weekend was haha. i worked freakin hard out there and was in the sun all day on Sunday bringing people to church until 5 o'clock. Don't worry tho mom i am gonna start using sun block. hopefully i go back to puerto soon its freakin awesome there.   

Everything is fine here.  Don’t worry about me.  I am really busy.  Before I used to say I was lost in the work and don’t take this wrong but I really don’t care what is happening at home anymore, with sports, or with music.  I care about you guys but I really don’t care what is going on because I have so many things to do here and the things here are so important and this is where I am supposed to be. 

I still love you guys - take it sleezy, Dylan

The river/lake with the ocean all in the back ground 

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