Sunday, March 20, 2016

Monkey Tails and Squirrel Butts

(Sometimes the exchange between a nine year old and his brother is better than a letter.)

Hi Dylan, I love you.  Have a nice day.  I won the championship in TYBL.  I played really tough. Dad did not get a technical. Our team party was at Aerosports a trampoline park.  I’m so excited to go to Nicaragua but I hope I don’t barf up some cow tongue!  
Love, Bryce

I love you Bryce. Don't worry about the food here. We are gonna eat some great monkey tails and squirrel butts when you come. You wont even throw up. Today i had a giant hot dog with jalepeños and ketchup and other crazy stuff all over it. and for just a dollar!  Nice job on that championship win i love you little man!  Dylan

Because I guess having custom "I'm with that guy" ties made is what you do with 8 weeks left.

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