Sunday, March 20, 2016

Praying for a Tsunami

dawn patrol matagalpa. 

Things are freakin awesome here. Hobbs is dope. We are retaking the shark tank and baptizing a ton of people its awesome! 

We baptized 2 awesome people this week. Dennis is a 20 year old who loves the Lakers and is the branch president's best friend, so dope, and Sandra who is 40 and awesome lady who didnt care at all when her entire family came over on the day of her baptism and told her not to get baptized. She got in the shark tank anyways! We also brought 17 investigators to church this week. We are praying for a little tsunami this weekend. 

Elder Jake and Elder Sirrine
Hearing about Sirrine's dad was very hard. I asked president if i could call him later that day. I have never really cried hard on my mission before but that was an emotional phone call. Elder Sirrine is a man. I have more respect for him than any other missionary in this mission. (On President’s day Elder Parker Sirrine’s father Robert Sirrine passed away in Mesa, AZ.  Dylan and Parker were companions in Managua while they served in the office.) 

I am aware of how much time I have left. It doesnt effect me. It only gives me more of a desire to do more than I have ever done. I have made some promises with God recently. I have made some important changes so that all this time away from home and with this people means something and lasts after I am no longer here. 

Love you guys, Stay Sleezyyyy 

Sometimes you just have to take it like a man!

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