Friday, October 10, 2014

Ditches and Chips

Que onda Locos? Had a freakin awesome time this week. Elder Sherle and I are throwing fire out here. 

We have been getting pretty dirty lately. All of the people here are connecting their houses to the "Black Water" so that they can have a real toilet that flushes and not just a hole in the ground. Yes please be grateful for your toilets because pooping into a hole is not as awesome as it sounds haha. We have been digging ditches and moving dirt all week. The people really appreciate that white boys are willing to get dirty with them. My hands, however, are not so happy right now. If you spread some tasty strawberry jam on a nice thick piece of bread you would get an idea of the status of my hands.

I have been watchless for the last few days. A 16 year old boy and I have become very close over the last few months and he has become my "Collin" out here in Nicaragua.  This teenage kid is such a great kid despite living in a dirt shack and not having shoes a lot of the time. The other day i caught him looking at my watch....

Speaking of time, I hope none of you are expecting me to be more punctual when i return home. There is a slang term here called "Nica Hora" which refers to the fact the the Nicaraguans are always 30 minutes late for everything. "Dylan time" will be returning in 18 months. Sorry not sorry.

Conference was sweet. Hope you all got to watch it. The other American elders and I were able to huddle around a little computer and watch it in English. The entire conference was sick but I was especially impressed with Jeffrey R. Holland's Saturday afternoon talk on serving. Over the years i have learned that i can appreciate getting chewed out. Thank you grandpa jake and high school football coaches. Someone getting in your face and telling you suck really gets the motivation nerves hummin. I think that's why i can appreciate Holland so much. He talked about serving the poor and how its our duty to do as Christ did and help others. He said that often we feel that what we are doing is insignificant and is just a drop in the ocean. He stated "Christianity is not a statistical Endeavour!" I can attest to that. There are so many hungry, shoeless kids out here. We cant help everyone but the people we can help will be so grateful for our sacrifice. For me, its digging ditches and buying chips for hungry little kids living in the street. I don't know what it is for you but I know that all of you can find someone to love. 

Love all of you. And as always....... TAKE IT SLEEZY.

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