Sunday, October 19, 2014

Got a Little Tubular This Week

Whats up my fellow Americans. Just wanna start by saying I love all of you guys. I want to thank you all for the love and support you have shown me since day one. 

Pretty Average day today. Played some soccer with some locals. Then we had a little kid climb a tree and toss us down some coconuts. Got a little pizza. Sat under a tree and sipped on some coconut juice. 

(Elder Jake and Elder Sherle's first baptism)

This week Elder Sherle and I got shacked. We married and baptized a my boy Modesto Sosa and my home girl Cathy. They are so  awesome and I have so much love for those two. They are both jobless and have absolutely no money but are some of the most optimistic and funny people i have met here in Nicaragua. We used CTR rings and there were only 10 people there (4 of them missionaries) but it was sweet.

Though the pictures may not show it haha (I have named it the "3rd world smile" which is actually a very pissed off facial expression) there were both very grateful and happy for the chance they had to start their little family. Finally got barrelled and it was sick. I will neither confirm nor deny if i accidentally fell in the pool afterward. 

This week i also got to remember why dad was the helmet Nazi growing up. A member in our ward was riding his bike this week and got nailed by a motorcycle coming in the other direction. His bike doesn't have a scratch on it but he hit his head on the ground during the fall and immediately died. Now you would think that a man with a massive head trauma would not have an open casket but they do things a little different here in Nicaragua. Ive seen my fair share of dead people, both in the ER and up at BYU (I hope he is referring to the Anatomy cadaver lab!), but i will say there is a little bit different feeling seeing someone dead that you just talked to the day before. Death can be terrible, but knowing that God has a plan for everyone during this life and after this life makes thing better. 

People here have nothing, yet they have everything. I have learned in the short 6 months that i have been here that God and Family are the only things that matter in this life. We do so many things that just aren't important. Making God an important part of our lives and taking care of the people that matter most are the two things that will make us truly happy. 

Love you all so much. See you next week. 

Quick Shout out to Team Sleezy who is currently taking it Global. West Coast, East Coast, Russia, and Central America. 

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