Sunday, October 5, 2014

No Barks Given

What is good in the hood? Takin it real sleezy down here this week with my new com anion. Another pretty normal week working freakin hard, getting soaked every day, and loving the nicas. Right now i am frustrated because i havent baptized anyone. we have a bunch of people that are close but i just want success so bad i would die for it. The ward is tuff because the members struggle going to church and half the battle im realizing is convincing people to go back to church.

Population of esteli: mexicans=10000000 white guys=2. Even if we suck as missionaries we have increased the white dude population by 50 percent this week so thats good. Having a great time down here with my companion. We are getting along great. Two Americans ballin out down here playin a little jungle ball. 

So Elder Sherle and I were walking along this week and there was a little dog laying in the street. 3 seconds later this little dog gets crushed by a motorcycle and I just kept walking along like nothing happened. Elder Sherle freaked out a little bit and wanted to help the little dog. Now i am not a bad person but after living in nicaragua for almost four months seeing a little dog  have the entire lower half of his body crushed is nothing out of the ordinary. If anyting its a good thing because there are way too many dogs running around down here. I explained to Elder Sherle that all doggies go to heaven and we got back to truckin. 

Gave a talk on service this week in church. When we serve others, we serve God. You can take that to the bank. Make the world a better place this week for me.

Love all of you guys. Take it sleezy this week. Also feel free to write big emails because i can take a picture of them and read them later.

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