Sunday, October 26, 2014

Three Natural Disasters - Earth, Water and Pants

Hola amigos y familia.  Estamos tuanis aqui en l rosario.  Nostotros estamos tomandolo sleezy y espero que todos se han quedan en el tubo.

Elder Sherle and I are still high off our baptism last week and are having a great time.  Success comes through obedience and hard freakin work. ilose’! Speaking of high, we are currently teaching a guy, that there is a way sicker kind of high and His name is Jesus!  Currently we are trying to trade him a Book of Mormon to replace his joint.  It doesn’t help that marijuana and a bunch of other fun things are legal here.

1st Natural Disaster of the week – Experienced our first earthquake here in Nicaragua this week.  7.4 big one/s.  Elder Sherle and I were praying when it started. Sherle thought I was messing around and was shaking the bed and told me to stop it.  He then realized he was very wrong when the house started to bobble and books fell of the shelf. 

2nd Natural Disaster - The change in climate and food have not been nice to Elder Sherle’s bowels.  There is a wreak of a ketchup and onion smell from the question mark farts, provoking nostalgic memories of my first few weeks out here in the field.  Elder Sherle’s first earthquake experience (this California boy is a pro) may have worsened his bowel situation.  The 2nd natural disaster of the week may have been a “fear poop” right there on the spot. 

Esteli River overflowed last week
3rd Natural disaster – it rained so hard this week that the Esteli River overflowed.  The river is probably 200 ft. wide and 12 feet deep.  I included a picture of one of the bridges being engulfed by the river. (No electricity for 3 days)

Esteli River flooding in August. (Rainy Season is May - Nov)
Short thought.  This week I thought a lot about why bad thing happen to people?  Why do we have to do hard things?  Why does God give us challenges that we feel we are incapable of overcoming?  Us North Americans have been blessed with a very easy life and the challenges we are faced with are very different from those the Nicaraguan people are faces with.  However, no matter what your walk of life, you will have to do hard things. Things that will make you stretch beyond what you think you are capable of.  Inadequacy, uncertainty and stress are all part of a process that allows us to become better and strengthen our relationship with God.  It is during times of hardship and feelings of inadequacy that reliance and trust in God gives us certainty and capability.  Grandma Jake's book mark never lets you forget this.  Proverbs 3:5-6.

Love all you guys.  Take it sleezy.

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