Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vote for Pedro

Como estan? Todo tuani aqui en el rosario. Tuvimos una semana bien loca y tuvimos cambios el dia de hoy pero Sherle y yo estamos en la misma area todavia. Estabamos dentro de el tubo 3 veces en la ultima semana y bautizamos una familia y una otra persona. Fui llamado como lider de districto y espero que todo esta bien en sus casas y con sus familias. Les amo a ustedes muchísimo.

What is going on everybody? Hope all of you are doing well. Love every single one of you ugly americans. 

We had a very eventful last couple of days. Had changes today but elder sherle and i are gonna take it sleezy in rosario for at least two more changes and i am now district leader. Got my Nica ID card this week which is pretty sick if do say so myself. straight up NICA now. Also that means that i am officialy certified to be a missionary now. Last of all, our landlord is kicking us out of the house we live in because she says we are using too much electricity. I tried to explain to this little crazy nica lady that we are only in the house using the lights from 930 to 1030 every night and that maybe it was all of her parties that she has and that dumb disco light that she has in her fish tank that are cranking up the energy bills. Anyways, looking for somewhere to live that has a toilet, two beds, and a monkey that will wipe for us. 

Halloween is coming up and unfortunately no one celebrates it. You can bet your socks that elder sherle and i will be celebrating but apparently halloween is associated with worshiping the devil here. My bishop was pretty disgusted when i told him that we have a big party in the church every year for halloween. I told him that if all of us north americans go to hell for handing out candy to a bunch of kids dressed up as princeses and super heros then so be it because i have not missed trick or treating in 20 years. Jake T emailed me the other day and told me that he was gonna be rex cuan do. I got inspired and i think im gonna be uncle rico and im gonng make elder sherle be kip. 

Kip and Uncle Rico baptized our boy Pedro this week. Pedro is the freakin man and is such a great example to me of what being a man is. Dad left him when he was a little kid. Mom works outside of the city. His brother is an alcoholic. His sister is a prostitute. Other sister has a little baby boy also with no dad. This kid loves and does so much for this little broken family of his. I have only known him for three weeks but know that he will stay close to me for the rest of my life. His situation makes every hard thing i have ever done look like nothing. We already have him geared up with a white shirt, tons of ties, pants and church shoes. 

We also baptized two little girls this week, Paola and Keling, who remind me of kate and maddy. Both such humble and sweet little girls. They live in a cardboard and wood house with dirt floors and no father. 

Family is everything. In the short 6 months that i have been out on my mission away from my family, i have come to realize how much i really love and appreciate my family. 

Love you all. Take it sleazy.

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