Saturday, November 29, 2014


 Whats up everybody? Love you guys. Hope you all found someone to love this week. 

Life in tipitapa is good. Showering is now easier because towling off is now no longer necessary. I really dont even bother drying off because as soon as the shirt and tie go on i am already drenched in sweat. Aunt kim was telling me how different andrews living conditions were and that he often had toilets with heated seats. Well guess what, our toilet seats are also heated just with the cheeks of 4 other missionaries. Tipitapa has been good to me and i have stayed healthy. Elder Clarkcito and the other white kids here though have not been so lucky and we are waiting for a miracle this easter to get rid of all these runs. All, however, are very grateful for the small CVS farmacy located in my suitcase. BIG thanks to DR. Jake from four little white white boys with N-V-D. (nausea-vomiting-dia.....)

Life as a ZL has also been good. I have been all over the map the last couple of days traveling to Managua and all of the diferent areas here in tipitapa doing interviews and getting to know the people in my zone. This past friday night i was in an area called Loma Verde and was helping a few elders get a family ready for their baptisms. One little kid in the family, who looked and acted a lot like Myron, decided that he did not want to join the family and listen to the white guys. He proceded to spin around in circles out in front of the house trying to make himself dizzy. After 5 minutes or so of continuous spinning, he stumbled back into the house and stood in front of us for a few seconds wide eyed and pale. 2 seconds later came a blended array of beans, tortilla, milk and candy barf all over mom and dad. Classic.  

On saturday we were able to baptize my little man Jorgito (little jorge). This little guy was tough to get into the pool and took a little convincing only because he is terrified of water and has never swam before in his life. Tried to arrange some practice swims but the only large body of water close is a giant lake filled with poop and alligators. Not prime conditions for a first timer. Hes got a great family who are all members but are a little out of the tube right now. His grandpa however shreds and baptized jorgito this last saturday. 

I was talking to this little family after jorgito´s baptism on saturday and they told me about the two missionaries that had baptized them ten years ago. They said that these elders had changed there lives in more ways than one and that they would NEVER forget them. If all i do during these two years is have one person say that about me then i will be content. I want to change one life in a way that will never be forgotten.  Kate´s speech for school really had an impact on my this week. She talked about the difference between walking a certian path and HOW we walk a certain path. Mom sent me a section from Abraham Lincoln's speech in Gettysburg a couple of weeks ago in which he said that people would not remember the words that were said but the things that were DONE. The where, when, why and what we say do not matter. What we do and how we do it are everything. The paths are similar but HOW we walk, the choices we make, and the examples we set cause us to walk an unforgettable path. 

Be someone unforgettable. Love you guys take it sleezy.

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