Sunday, November 9, 2014


Hello everybody. Love all you guys.
This week was really just kind of a weird week. I have really busy with cooking duty, dead guy duty, animally doody, and district leader duties. Elder Sherle has been sick this whole week and thankfully it is just the fluand not projectile from the orifices like during my first couple of weeks here in the jungle. Halloween was pretty lame. We didn't even remember it was Halloween until about 8 at night when one of our leaders texted us a merry Halloween. I had a few starburst to celebrate. Kind of upset that i missed a trick or treat but i will have Bryce show me all of the good houses when i get back. 

We are also getting kicked out of our house. The crazy little grandma that runs our house is trying to snake a little money from the two white boys that are living in our house. She is asking us to pay a ton more money and i told her to go jump, literally, in Spanish. Also, the other day she accused elder sherle and i of robbing and eating fish from her fish tank. She later came into our room and yelled at us and told us to make our beds and pick up our dirty clothes. Wow i didn't remember bringing my mother in my freakin suitcase. I think elder sherle and i will leave an uncloggable dootie in the toilet before we leave. 

Still having a great time out here. Miss all you guys but i know that what I'm doing will bless the lives of so many people and i know that a new and improved dillbag will come home in 18 more months. 

Love you all so much. Take it sleezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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