Monday, June 22, 2015

Feliz Cumpleanos

helloooo. this week was pretty dope. we were in chinandega this week. rained every day for about 7 hours. i made it back to corinto. way sick. little swells out but there was some inconsistent sets with some decent shoulders that barrelled up pretty nicely. 

love the mission. cant say that enough. the time is going way to fast especially here in the office. its a different kind of work as ap but i am enjoying every second of it. 
my girl kaylin is gonna get on the slip and 
slide this week. she is the best friend of martha who got baptized in december. love them both so much. 

love you guys. take it sleezy. 

i promise a nice fathers day letter next week. love you dad. 

also. i am 21. so thats dope 
Elder Jake

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